Van Helsing Reboot To Be Written By Jon Spaihts and Eric Heisserer


On the heels of SyFy announcing their female-led Van Helsing television series, Variety reports today that Universal Pictures is rebooting Van Helsing as part of their cinematic universe comprised of classic movie monsters.

Jon Spaihts and Eric Heisserer will co-write the Van Helsing reboot. Spaihts is already a part of Universal's monster-verse as he wrote the upcoming reboot of The Mummy. He also worked on the scripts for Prometheus and Marvel's Doctor Strange. As for Heisserer, penned the screenplays for The Thing (2011) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) reboots.

There are no details on the plot at this time. Abraham Van Helsing, the doctor-turned-vampire hunter, first appeared in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula. Over the past 118 years, many versions of Van Helsing have appeared in novels, comic books, feature films and television.


Dracula's foremost foe is traditionally presented as an older gentleman, however, in 2004 Universal tried to portray him as an action hero and cast Hugh Jackman in the title role. They even expanded Van Helsing's supernatural prey to include Frankenstein's monster and werewolves.