Wolverine Movie Leak Breaks Hugh Jackman's Heart

On Wednesday, X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman talked with reporters about his reaction to the news that an illegal copy of the film was leaked online late last week. The interview session occurred in Sydney, Australia before a special screening of a 20 minute sneak peak. Along with the media, several hundred fans were reported to be in attendance.

"It's a serious crime, and there's no doubt it's very disappointing. I was heartbroken by it," Jackman said. "Obviously, people are seeing an unfinished film. It's like a Ferrari without a paint job." Jackman then went on to say that he was encouraged by the enormous amount of support by the online community who denounced the illegal download. The actor also told reporters that the FBI was investigating the leak.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jackman went on to discuss locales for the Wolverine sequel. Since Jackman is a native Aussie as well as one of the producers of the Wolverine film, the actor wrangled a deal in which a large portion of the first Wolverine film was shot in Australia. While Jackman's plans for the sequel keep shooting in the Pacific realm, it probably will not take place in his native country.


"Since 'X-Men 2' there've been talks and I've been pretty public about my desire to go to Japan. The Japanese saga is very cool," the actor said.