X-Men Days Of Future Past: Leaked Autopsy Reports Reveal Tandem's Mutant Experimentation

For the past couple of weeks, ComicBook.com has been reporting on the X-Men: Days of Future Past [...]

For the past couple of weeks, ComicBook.com has been reporting on the X-Men: Days of Future Past viral campaign involving two organizations claiming to want to further the mutant agenda: the Tandem Initiative, and the M-Underground.

Our first report focused on a leaked "Video Codex," a kind of anti-mutant documentary that M-Underground claimed to have pulled from Tandem's servers. The second dealt with audio leak that seemed to reveal those involved with the "Video Codex" misrepresenting and coercing a scientist into painting mutants as a threat, with the help of security officers from Trask Industries.

These events led to speculation that the Tandem Initiative may actually be a front for Trask to gather information on mutants. Now, even more damning evidence has surfaced through yet another leak from M-Underground.

Many of you nominated yourselves in Tandem Initiative's very-real "Search for the World's Gifted," where the organization asked folks with special abilities to show off with a photo -- and yes, the results were pretty silly/great.

And though that looks like a bona fide sweepstakes with actual DNA sequencing giveaways, it looks like last years' winners might not have been lucky chosen ones, after all. Discovered dead this morning, it begs the question -- not only is Tandem Initiative fake, and dangerous, but are sweepstakes entrants this year safe?

Leaked autopsy reports state that Jason, gifted with the ability to manipulate water, died of "Hypernatremia," or dehydration. Celine, gifted with telekinesis, died of "Hypokalemic Sensory Overconcentration," a kind of overtaxing and exhausting of her brain.

In other words, Tandem experimented on these teens, forcing them to use their mutant powers, until they were completely exhausted, used up, and dead. Seems odd behavior for an organization working to help mutants

Check out the autopsy reports below for yourself.

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes to Blu-ray and DVD on October 14.