Zack Snyder Praises Jared Leto's Joker, David Ayer Responds

Zack Snyder praised Jared Leto's Joker and David Ayer responded to the compliment. A lot has been made about a possible Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad coming to light after Zack Snyder's Justice League was announced this summer. This has resulted in fans starting to ask for a full cut of the movie with Ayer's vision. Now, there have been a lot of whispers that a ton of Leto Joker content was cut from the theatrical version of Suicide Squad. While that is still being determined, a lot of fans are showing more appreciation than ever for the actor's take on The Clown Prince of Crime. You can add Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder to that list as well after a post on Vero.

A fan named Kwame asked the director, "What are your thoughts on Jared Leto Joker? Would you have liked to see an interaction between him and Batfleck too?"

Snyder responded that, "I always loved him in the part." Ayer was obviously taken aback by the support from a fellow filmmaker that he respects. The Suicide Squad director has not been shy about defending Snyder when he felt like his fellow DC creative wasn't getting a fair shake for the work that he put in. It would make sense that there would be a feeling of camaraderie between two directors who had to compromise on what their vision for these films would be to accommodate outside forces. However, the road to an Ayer Cut would be a long one, just look at how long it took for Snyder to get the go-ahead.

"This cut of the movie is my cut. There's no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut," Ayer said back in 2017. "And that's one of the toughest things about writing, shooting, and directing a film, is you end up with these orphans and you f---ing love them and you think they'd be amazing scenes and do these amazing things but the film is a dictatorship, not a democracy, and just because something's cool and charismatic doesn't mean it gets to survive in the final cut. The flow of the movie is the highest master."

Once the Snyder Cut release was announced, Ayer began courting fan support for his version of the movie to get an official release. "My cut would be easy to complete," the director posted. "It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It's exhausting getting your ass kicked for a film that got the Edward Scissorhands treatment. The film I made has never been seen."


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