Justice League Darkseid Actor Ray Porter Has Perfect Reaction To Alien Cube Sighting

Ray Porter, who will voice Darkseid in Zack Snyder's Justice League when it comes to HBO Max next year, had a pitch-perfect response for the strange, cube-shaped objects that appeared in photos of the sun, and have gone viral as potential alien life. UFO hunters have spotted what they believe to be a massive, cube-shaped alien ship in photos of Earth's sun officially released by NASA. And while experts at NASA as well as people here on Earth who have experience with digital photography and information technology say that it's probably just a segment of the photo that was blacked out due to the challenges of sending huge image files back to Earth from space, that hasn't stopped social media from having some fun.

DC fans especially; it's hard to miss the fact that if there was an alien invasion that came from giant, cube-shaped crafts, they would likely resemble the Mother Box from the Justice League movie. For Porter's part, he's claiming responsibility – although he can't promise that just because it's his, he can take it away.

“Oh, THERE's where I left it,” Porter tweeted. “Geez! Now if I could just find my keys...”

While Darkseid never appeared in the theatrical cut of Justice League, concept art and long-standing rumors about Snyder's plans for the project indicated that he would have had a cameo to set up a potential sequel where he would be the villain. The movie's main antagonist, Steppenwolf, is Darkseid's uncle and one of his chief lieutenants.


At some point, fans sussed out that it would have been Porter who lent his voice to the role of Apokolips's brutal ruler, but the actor would not confirm it until Snyder came clean himself. Shortly after WarnerMedia announced that Snyder's verison of Justice League would be coming to HBO Max next year, one of the first announcements was that Porter's Darkseid had been written back into the script. It is not yet clear what his role will be, or how large.

Darkseid is likely to play a key role in the upcoming film The New Gods, which is being developed by Warner Bros. and written by comic book writer Tom King and filmmaker Ava DuVernay. DuVernay will direct the film, which is said to draw inspiration from King's award-winning comic Mister Miracle, which he made with artist Mitch Gerads and letterer Clayton Cowles. King's storyline for Marvel's The Vision will reportedly serve as the blueprint for much of WandaVision, which is coming to HBO Max in the next year.