5 Hard Partying Heroes for Fat Tuesday

There are many great occasions to party each year, but none comes with the same reputation or [...]

Hercules Hard Partying Hero

There are many great occasions to party each year, but none comes with the same reputation or revelry as Fat Tuesday. As the final day before the beginning of Lent it has become an excuse to engage in every form of excess and bacchanalia, specifically at the end of the New Orleans based Mardi Gras celebration and Brazil's Carnival. In order to help us all enjoy the party this year and find the baby in the cake (it's a Catholic thing), we've picked out five of the hardest partying superheroes in comics.

Guy Gardner Party

5. Guy Gardner

In the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps he has always been the wildman of the bunch, unwilling to take orders or follow the herd. Amongst fellow Green Lanterns he encourages misbehaviour and he has always turned up his nose to League leadership, specifically Batman. On top of his live fast attitude on teams, Guy has also opened up his own bar called Warriors and led some shenanigans that would put even his teammates Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to shame.

Tommy Monaghan Party

4. Tommy Monaghan

Tommy Monaghan may not fit in with the Justice League, but for those of us who read and loved Hitman, we know he's a paid killer with the heart of a hero. Garth Ennis' series spinning out of "Bloodlines" in the 90s was a cult hit that followed Tommy and pals like Natt the Hat on madcap adventures that always led them back to their favorite bar Noonan's. Even as the series grew darker and times got tough, Tommy and company always knew how to have a good time. There were few things that couldn't be settled over a couple of beers and a night of rabble rousing. This crew of besotted misfits may be gone from DC's stable for now, but the return of a new "Bloodlines" story gives hope that their best parties may still lie ahead.

Armstrong Party

3. Armstrong

Armstrong is one of the three oldest living beings in the Valiant Comics universe with more than a few millennia under his belt – the vast majority of those years spent in an intoxicated state. As one half of the indomitable duo at the heart of Archer and Armstrong, he has done his best to lead the pure Archer astray. Together they've had some incredible adventures, while pounding beers and getting up to no good. Armstrong can always be counted on for a good time combining an endless satchel full of tricks with centuries of hard won experience. If you're looking for a wingman, there's no one better than this unaging drunkard.

Hercules Marvel Party

2. Hercules

You can't talk about immortal drunks without thinking of one at Marvel Comics as well, the Greek champion Hercules. He's a god so raucous and bawdy that he makes Thor look tame by comparison. Rather than duking it out with Galactus like Thor has before, he's opted to drink the Destroyer of Worlds under the table instead. Herc has foregone his fellow divine adventurers' sense of propriety to enjoy life's many pleasures, mostly wine and the pleasures of the flesh. Whether he's spending his nights with men or women, Hercules always knows how to show his companions a legendarily good time.

The Boys Herogasm Party

1. Every Superhero in The Boys

If you've ever read The Boys then you know why we couldn't choose just one character for the top slot. The superheroes in Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's cynical take may be terrible human beings, but they party harder than any other characters to ever occupy the genre. Looking through the "Herogasm" event for an image to use, it was impossible to find a single one that could be considered vaguely appropriate, even using black boxes. Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll is the totality of these heroes existence, not just a facet. If you're looking to party harder than you ever have before, these are the heroes to do it with, assuming you survive the experience.

Note: We would've included Deadpool, but a lot of his revelry includes killing people, so we're letting him play by himself. So which heroes would you choose to live up Fat Tuesday? Let us know in the comments below.