Adam Savage Went To Silicon Valley Comic Con In Disguise As Hellboy

Adam Savage Hellboy

Adam Savage's love for Dark Horse Comic's Hellboy is well known, and his latest achievement is this rather impressive Hellboy costume.

Now, Adam has previously attended a con as Hellboy, but that costume was based on the movie version. This time around the suit is based on the Mike Mignola drawn comic version, which you can really see reflected in the head and chest pieces. What's more, Savage decided to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con in full costume, but his attempt at being incognito ended rather quickly, just a few minutes in.

Still, the costume is immensely well done, going so far as to have the actual Hellboy leather duster and a tail from the original Hellboy film. He also created the sword, complete with impaled demon, on a previous entry in his one day build series. I can't wait to see what he does next year.

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