Advance Preview of Valiant's Harbinger #3

Hey there all you Valiant readers!  Here's an advance look at one of Valiant's anchor titles Harbinger and its upcoming third issue.  There's also some advance images included in here to boot!  Enjoy, and if you haven't picked up this book yet, now's your chance!  Give the next wave of Valiant books a chance as they are definitely worthy of their fan-favorite status!

Class is now in session! After months on the run, troubled teenage psionic Peter Stanchek has found shelter - and a newfound sense of purpose - in Toyo Harada's top secret training academy, the Harbinger Foundation. But as Harada's tutors attempt to temper Peter's mind and refine his near unlimited abilities, will he discover the hero within - or dark secrets long ago buried to protect himself and others?

Toyo Harada has seen the future - and Peter Stanchek is there, presiding over a fiery end to all things. Can Harada right his course, or is Pete the first harbinger of a terrifying tomorrow? The most unpredictable, most unnerving series in comics reveals a new class of hero on August 15th in Harbinger #3 - in stores the same day as Bloodshot #2!

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