Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD To Be Released July 12th

Are you a Dweeb or a Cool Guy? For Adventure Time fans, viewers can find out which one they are by [...]

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Are you a Dweeb or a Cool Guy? For Adventure Time fans, viewers can find out which one they are by playing a round of Card Wars, a card-based game that was first shown within the animated series. The game, however, entered the real-world when Card Wars was transformed into a popular tabletop game. And, just ahead of San Diego Comic Con, Cartoon Network has announced they'll be releasing a special Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD on July 12th.

You can think of the new DVD as an expansion pack to the fan-favorite episode which first introduced the game. The upcoming release will feature the original 'Card Wars' episode from 2012 and include the series' brand-new episode, 'Daddy-Daughter Card Wars.' The DVD will also showcase 14 additional Adventure Time episodes which were all handpicked to join the collection. And, of course, the package will also include an exclusive Card Wars playing card that will be compatible with the upcoming tabletop game, Card Wars Doubles Tournament.

Currently, the DVD is scheduled to become available on July 12th, and its retail price is set at about $19. A brief description of the DVD can be read below:

"Finn and Jake play an epic card game, but when Jake becomes overly competitive and insists on playing for a "cool guy cup" and the "dweeb cup" hilarity ensues. The Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD releases with 16 episodes and is a must have for fans and collectors alike."

With a run-time of 176 minutes, fans of both the show and game are sure to snatch up this special DVD to share with friends. And, for those who're curious, Cartoon Network has even released a list of which episodes will all be included on the Adventure Time DVD.

1. Card Wars
2. Daddy-Daughter Card Wars
3. What was Missing
4. Up a Tree
5. A Glitch is a Glitch
6. Nemisis
7. Evergreen
8. Everything's Jake
9. The Diary
10. Dentist
11. Varmints
12. Football
13. Crossover
14. (The) Hall of Egress
15. Flute Spell
16. The Thin Yellow line

Did your favorite make the list?