Alan Moore's Electricomics Released In The App Store

Electricomics, the digital comics publishing platform from Watchmen writer Alan Moore, has made its official debut in the Apple App Store.

Originally announced in 2014, the app is currently home to Big Nemo, Moore and artist Colleen Doran's re-imagining of the Windsor McKay's classic Little Nemo, as well as new work by Leah Moore, Peter Hogan, Garth Ennis, and Nicola Scott.

Leah Moore announced the release in a blog post at the Electricomics website. The site will soon host a toolkit to help creators creator and package their own comics to be released on the platform.

"The professional comics are a jumping off point, we want you to join in, and push forward what is possible for yourself," Moore wrote. "Maintain control of your own content. We don’t host it, it’s yours. You store it where you like, make what you want out of it. Comics load in the Electricomics App instantly from their URL."

You can download Electricomics in the App Store.