Amy Jo Johnson Hosting NYC/LA Power Ranger Pizza Parties For New Film Project

Pizza with a Power Ranger? Amy Jo Johnson is offering that opportunity but there are only a few slots left.

In an effort to raise funds for her directorial debut film, The Space Between, Johnson has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for the new film. Two of the perks for contributing $400 is a Power Ranger Pizza Party in New York City and Los Angeles. The contributor and a guest will be invited to hang out with Johnson, producer Jessica Adams and watch a few episodes of Power Rangers while eating pizza at a location to be determined. Of the 10 available slots, 5 have already been claimed.

While the The Space Between has reached its initial goal of $75,000, there are still 17 days left for those who would like to contribute:

When a proud new father learns his wife took his infertility into her own hands with a 19-year-old ginger, he sets out on a hilarious and heartfelt journey to find the biological baby-daddy. Filled with a quirky cast of supporting characters, The Space Between is a film about acceptance, family, love....and a few dirty diapers.


The cast includes Johnson, Michael Cram, Sonya Salomaa and David Paetkau.

Additional information about the film can be found out its official Indiegogo page.