Arkham Origins Batman Suit Created Using 3D Printing

arkham-tundra-3A trio of design companies teamed to create a near-perfect replica of the Batman costume from Batman: Arkham Origins using a 3D printer. has a look at the costume, complete with a shot of the parts as they emerged from the printer before assembly, and some comments from those involved.

Tundra Designs, Gauntlet FX, and Crimson Coscrafts teamed to create the suit, which was first 3D modeled before being 3D printed. From there, a mold was created to cast the final product.

“The colours are not the standard issue Arkham Origins, as I wanted to go with the Dark Knight Skin you get at 100% completion,” explained Stevie Dee of Crimson Coscrafts. “The suit is quite comfy to wear and movement is great. I cant bend at the stomach but I didn’t expect that.”


They will be making the costume available, although there's no price yet. If you're interested in commissioning one, contact Guantlet FX, or Tundra Designs.

You can see more photos at the link above.