Arrow Easter Egg In Gotham Explained

Contrary to appearances, there was no intentional reference to Queen Consolidated, Oliver Queen or Arrow made in Gotham last week, according to producer Danny Cannon.

A shot of the Gotham City skyline revealed what appeared to be a Queen Consolidated building, with a logo similar to the one seen in Arrow and The Flash, headquartered in the pre-Batman Gotham City. At the time, we speculated that it was likely a wink and a nod to the company that Oliver Queen's father would be running at the time -- although we left open the possibility that it was more since showrunner Bruno Heller had recently expressed an interest in eventually crossing over with other DC properties.

So...what happened with that big, green Q in the skyline to begin with? Seems like it was just coincidence.

“I gotta tell you, it was completely unintentional,” Cannon told MTV. “Somebody spotted it in the cutting room, but we move so fast, we were like, ‘that’s cool, leave it in! don’t talk about it!’ We were stealing – the visual effects guys were stealing neon letters from other places, and that was one that worked. But it was unintentional.”

It's my understanding that the effects team didn't even take the Q from the Arrow library but from somewhere else entirely and the resemblance is coincidental.


The episode in question also featured the obscure DC Comics villain Dollmaker, who appeared on Arrow last season and had a long and mysterious past alluded to in the appearance. Some fans speculated that his time in Gotham City could have come before his arrest at the hends of Detective Quentin Lance.

“Well I think that is very clearly an example of not a crossover,” Arrow's Marc Guggenheim said of the episode, “because that was a completely different take on the Dollmaker character from the comics than we had last year. So that was a completely separate occurrence.”