Arrow EP Talks The Fate Of Roy Harper

Could Arsenal face an untimely demise in tonight’s episode of Arrow?It’s a question that [...]


Could Arsenal face an untimely demise in tonight's episode of Arrow?

It's a question that executive producer Greg Berlanti has planted in everyone's head. In a recent interview on Arrow's future, Berlanti said that things weren't looking too bright for Roy Harper now that he's in prison. As Arrow watchers will remember, Roy impersonated Arrow and surrendered to the police, taking the fall for Oliver Queen. And now that Roy is in prison with all those thugs he helped put away, he may only be leaving feet-first.

When asked about a possible character departure on Arrow, Guggenheim teased this, referring to tonight's episode, titled "Broken Arrow."

"Purely judging from my Twitter feed, it seems like a lot of people are worried. You're definitely going to want to watch 19, or not watch 19, as the case may be depending on how you feel about Roy," Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly. "I'd definitely check it out. I will say the shot of the knife or the shiv being passed forward in prison didn't bode too well. That was ominous."

Will Roy make it out of tonight's episode alive, or will he be the "Broken Arrow?" Only tonight will tell.

Arrow airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.