Arrow: First Look At Flash Logo?

During a promo for 'The Scientist' episode of Arrow that aired after last night's 'State Vs. [...]

Flash Logo

During a promo for "The Scientist" episode of Arrow that aired after last night's "State Vs. Queen" episode, The CW showed what may or may not be the first glimpse of what the logo will look like for their Flash TV series. Barry Allen, who is played by Grant Gustin, will be introduced in Arrow Episode 8 "The Scientist." Allen will also appear in Episode 9 of Arrow, but he will not wear his Flash costume in either episode. The original plan was for Barry Allen to emerge as the Flash on Episode 20 of Arrow. However, The CW executives were apparently so pleased with Episodes 8 & 9 of Arrow that they decided to premiere the Flash in a pilot episode for his own series. With Flash premiering in his own pilot episode rather than on Arrow, it means that The CW will need a Flash logo sooner rather than later. We've included screen captures of how a Flash logo was unveiled during "The Scientist" promo. The Flash logo slowly emerges from a red, yellow, and white blur similar to Flash's chest logo. It's possible that The CW might use this or a similar treatment for the Flash logo in the Flash pilot episode.

Flash LogoFlash LogoFlash LogoFlash Logo