Arrow: No, Arsenal Will Not Lose An Arm

Ahead of tonight's Season Two finale of Arrow, titled 'Unthinkable,' the show's producers and [...]


Ahead of tonight's Season Two finale of Arrow, titled "Unthinkable," the show's producers and stars are doing a PR blitz, talking to a number of TV stations and websites about the finale, the upcoming spinoff The Flash and how the two will intersect tonight when Arrow gives fans their first look at Barry Allen's snazzy new powers. One character we've already seen with powers is Roy Harper, who producers have confessed will eventually become Arsenal. That he's got a mask in the season finale is enough for many to assume that his costumed identity and his vigilante name will be in place sooner rather than later -- which has led many readers (including on our own page) to wonder whether we'll eventually see the notorious storyline where Roy loses an arm, as told in the comics book source material.


But, according to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, that's not going to happen. "Mmm... No," Kreisberg laughed when asked in an interview with IGN. "No, no, no -- although The Dark Knight Returns is one of all of our favorite comics, so we had talked about the idea of his arm being severely dislocated, as a joke, but ultimately sanity prevailed." That's probably for the better; when Arsenal lost his arm in the comics, it was...well, let's say it wasn't one of his better-reviewed stories of all time. It would also, obviously, have presented some technical problems in terms of trying to make a convincing cybernetic arm on a show that has to manage its budget to allow for guest stars like Robert Knepper and John Barrowman on a regular basis, and would probably ultimately have meant less screen time for Roy if they had to spend a bunch of VFX money every time he was in the room.