Arrow Recap With MAJOR Spoilers: Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Felicity works in the Foundry while talking to Diggle about Roy. They also discuss how no one has reported Isabel missing. Roy twitches, then is still again. Dig offers Felicity dinner and goes to get it. Felicity turns to look at Roy again, but he’s not on the table. She finds him standing, staring at her. Dig returns, having forgotten his phone. Without speaking, Roy trashes some of Felicity’s equipment and leaves. Dig follows Roy into Verdant, but loses him.

Ollie and Sara are in a bed in a hotel together. He can no longer afford a hotel room, but the manager here knows him. He suggests that they actually move in together. Ollie’s phone rings, but he tries to ignore it until Sara’s rings too.

In the Foundry, the group discusses Roy. Felicity is very upset.

Seeing RedAt home, Moira is being interviewed by a reporter. According to the latest polls, she is ahead of Blood. Thea walks in mid-interview to tell her mother that she can no longer use Verdant for her rally the next day. Moira tries to talk to Thea, but eventually reminds her daughter that she signed a contract. Mark Francis tells Moira that she can only focus on the election or her children, not both.

Flashback to seven years ago. Ollie and Laurel cuddle on the couch. She accuses him of being mopey and tries to get him to tell her what is going on. He reassures her, eventually confessing that he was out late with Tommy the night before. She leaves to help Sara with some homework. Moira enters, having overheard, and accuses Ollie of lying. She asks Ollie what is bothering him. “Dad’s gonna kill me.” Ollie got a girl pregnant. And it is not Laurel.

Black Canary and Arrow go looking for Roy while Dig checks Roy’s home. Felicity follows his movements from the Arrow Cave and discovers Roy beat up four guys. Arrow gets to the scene and questions the only conscious victim.

Sin sees Roy on the street and asks where he has been. He doesn’t speak, but she sees that his hands are messed up (probably from punching people). He shoves her. Some guys who know Sin walk over to defend her. Roy beats them all up viciously.

Ollie and Sara are at Verdant watching set up for Moira’s rally. Thea has noticed that Ollie has asked Dig to follow her around. Sin arrives and Sara goes up to her, asking Sin who hurt her. Sin tries to cover, but eventually tells Sara that Roy was injected with a drug that makes him strong and violent. Sin wants Roy to get help.

Seeing RedMoira goes to see Blood in his office. She tells him that she is planning on dropping out of the race, because Thea needs her. She’ll announce it at the rally. Blood promises to bring change to Sterling City.

Flashback. Moira comforts Ollie. She asks if he is sure the baby is his, since the girl could be trying to take advantage of him for money. He is sure he is the father. He asks for advice, and Moira says that everyone messes up sometimes. She hopes that he will forgive her in the future for any mistakes that she might make.

The gang tracks Roy, and it looks like he is headed to the Queen mansion. But Sin suddenly calls Sara. Roy is home.

Arrow and Black Canary go to the clock tower and fight Roy. Black Canary is knocked out. Arrow shoots at Roy, but Roy catches the arrow. Ollie removes his mask and tries to talk to Roy. But they fight again. Roy seriously damages Ollie’s knee before pounding a hole in the floor to escape through. The cops show up to arrest Roy, he fights back and kills one of them with Ollie’s arrow, which he leaves behind. Sin sees the murder happen.

Black Canary and Arrow sneak into a hospital. A doctor treats Arrow’s leg, as a thank you for Arrow helping with the Chinese Triad. While working on inventory, Thea calls out to Dig, who is still tailing her. He talks about family and points out how much Moira loves Ollie and Thea. He says that Moms deserve a second chance. They see Roy on the news.

Ollie tries everything he can think of to heal his leg. Sara knows they might have to kill Roy to stop him, and they argue about it. It is a repeat of the conversation they had 5 years ago. Sara points out that Ollie needs to change for the rally as she grabs a gun and leaves. Ollie tells Felicity that Sara reminds him of himself, when he first got home. Felicity reminds Ollie that he eventually found hope.

Thea and Sin meet, with Dig in tow. Sin tells Thea about Roy being drugged. Thea realizes that Ollie knew about it and that Dig is there to protect her from Roy, not Slade.

Thea finds Roy. She blames herself for not realizing that his breaking up with her was a cry for help. She says she deserves to be punished. The camera pans around to reveal Thea is not actually there, Roy is hallucinating the whole thing.

Mark Francis tells Ollie that Moira is going to drop out of the race. Ollie goes to his mother, and she asks why he is limping. Ollie says he had a motorcycle accident, and Moira remembers that he said the same thing a week earlier. Ollie tells Moira to stay in the race. Thea needs to see her mother do something good. He also reveals that he knows what it is like to sacrifice people for the sake of the city. Moira confesses that she knows who he is, has known since the Undertaking. She is proud of him.

Flashback. Moira has invited the pregnant girl over. She confesses that she had a P.I. look into the girl and confirms that Ollie is the father. She gives the girl a check for $1,000,000. Moira says it is for her grandchild. Moira also says that the check is payment for telling Ollie that she lost the baby and moving away. Once she does those things, she’ll get another million.

Seeing RedAt the rally, Moira makes a speech about saving the city. Thea is there, watching. Moira looks first at her daughter, then her son. She is staying in the race. Thea is hurt, and from where he is watching the rally on TV, Blood looks rather angry as well.

Once Moira steps down, Thea goes to the podium. She speaks on her mother’s behalf, but it is really a ploy to get herself on TV and draw Roy out.

Ollie goes to the cave and takes way too much Novocaine to numb his knee.

Thea is standing with Dig when Roy shows up. Dig gets Moira out, but Thea refuses to leave. Roy beats up Dig. Thea talks to Roy, begging him to fight the Mirakuru. Roy grabs Thea by the throat and lift her off the ground.

Black Canary shows up with her gun. Thea begs for Roy’s life. Sin arrives as well, and Black Canary shoots Roy in the leg. Roy begs her to kill him. Arrow shoots Roy three times and sends Thea and Sin away.

In the Arrow cave, the gang uses pit viper venom to sedate Roy. Ollie tells Sara he is not giving up. Felicity leaves. Sara says that she was ready to kill Roy when Ollie showed up. It is who she is now, she gave the devil her soul. Ollie promises to help her get it back. She says he deserves better and leaves him, saying she cares about him too much.

Sin finds Sara about to get on her bike. Sara calls Sin brave. Sin says that Sara is not a killer. Sara hugs her and says goodbye. She is going to see an old friend.

Seeing RedThe police talk to Moira and Thea. Ollie shows, and Thea asks where he was. Moira covers for him. The three Queens get into a limo.

Thea calls Ollie out on knowing about Roy. Ollie says that he was protecting her. Thea tells them both that they are not protecting her with lies and secrets, they are hurting her. Moira agrees. She says she has to tell them both something about Merlyn, something neither one of them knows. But before she can say anymore, a large vehicle crashes into the side of their limo.

Ollie is besieged by flashbacks of the last years of his life. When Ollie wakes up, he is lying on the ground, bound. Moira and Thea are kneeling side by side, their wrists tied behind them. And Slade stands over them all with a gun, forcing Ollie to relive the moment where he had to choose between Sara and Shado. Only this time, the choice is between his mother and his sister. Slade is clearly hallucinating that someone else is there. Ollie tries to choose himself; refusing to make the choice between Moira and Thea.

Moira stands up and volunteers herself. Slade tells Moira that she has true courage, and he is sorry her son did not inherit it. He takes out his sword and stabs Moira through her chest. He then holds the sword to Thea and tells Ollie that one more person has to die before it can end. He cuts Thea’s bonds and walks away.


Flashback. Ollie is on the phone with the girl he impregnated. Moira enters as he hangs up. He tells Moira that the girl lost the baby and is moving away. They agree it is for the best and Ollie calls himself lucky, but is clearly sad at the loss of his child. He covers and thanks Moira for being there for him. Moira says that Ollie is never without her. They both say “I love you.”

Thea cries over her mother’s body while Ollie lays beside them, still tied up.