Arrow Star Stephen Amell Wants Nightwing on the Show

While it seems Steven R. McQueen won't be playing Dick "Nightwing" Grayson on The CW's Arrow anytime soon, that doesn't mean the cast and crew have stopped wish-listing the character.

During a fan Q&A on Facebook yesterday, comics and webseries writer/actor Kevin Conn asked Amell what other DC characters he'd like to see on Arrow in the future. The actor's answer?

"Nightwing would be pretty badass."

This isn't the first time someone close to the show has suggested that Nightwing was on their radar; producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg both have said in previous interviews that he's a "bucket list" character, but acknowledged that it may be a farfetched wish since DC and Warner Bros. are so protective of the Batman family of characters. While they've said that the existence of Gotham hasn't changed their relationship with DC at this point, most outsiders have speculated that it will be difficult to get permission from DC to use Batman characters if they're already appearing on another show on a different network.

Still, Amell hinted during a recent convention appearance that Batman villains may be cropping up in Arrow's upcoming third season, which debuts in October.