Arrow's Diggle Is Getting A Helmet Upgrade From Team Flash


When David Ramsey's John Diggle and his wife Layla head to Central City to help out Team Flash, it sounds like the folks at S.T.A.R. Labs will be helping out Dig again, too.

"Central City will be working on an upgrade to Diggle's helmet," Ramsey told IGN. "That is yet to come, and we will be seeing some of that come out of Central City. As the first iteration came out of Central City, we will see and upgrade also come out."

It sounds like the upgrade may be designed specifically to help Diggle combat Damien Dahrk, and his unique brand of power. Ramsey says they may be able to "help with technology to help us combat the magic," though "that has yet to be seen."

Ramsey hasn't seen the new helmet yet, and it's giving him some level of worry.

"Listen, there's two things I'm anxious about: my helmet, and who's in the grave. The rest of which I'm cool with."

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