Attack On Titan And Avengers Crossover Released Online For Free

attack on avengers

Secret Wars #0, Marvel's Free Comic Book Day issue that includes the Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover story "Attack on Avengers," has been made available digitally for free.

The story was originally commissioned by Japanese magazine Brutus. The story involves the Titans from Hajime Isayam's Attack on Titan invading the New York City of the Marvel Universe, which is under the protection of the Avengers.

The story was written by Isayama, with breakdowns by C.B. Cebulski and arty by Gerardo Sandoval and colorist Dono Sanchez Almara. Secret Wars #0 is the first time the story has been translated into English.


You can check out the digital version of Secret Wars #0 at the Marvel Digital Comics Store.