Avengers 2 Release Date Of May 1, 2015 Reported By Comicbook.com Confirmed By MTV

Avengers 2 Release Date

Yesterday, Comicbook.com speculated that May 1, 2015 would be the likely release date for Avengers 2. Our speculation was based on the fact that Marvel has a history of releasing movies on the first Friday in May and Joss Whedon’s contract runs through June 2015.

It turns out our reasoning must have been pretty sound, because now MTV is reporting that an inside source has told them that it looks like the Avengers 2 release date might be May 1, 2015. Of course, the inside source is anonymous.

As far as what Marvel is saying officially, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger said during a Disney Quarterly Earnings Call on Tuesday that the Avengers sequel would come out “at a time we haven’t announced yet.” Considering that most Marvel Studios employees we’ve talked to are covered under a pretty extensive confidentiality clause, it probably wouldn’t be wise for anyone who wants to maintain employment with the Mouse to spill the beans on something that the company CEO wouldn’t even reveal.

That being said, the May 1, 2015 release date is pretty much a no-brainer. There is no way Marvel Studios could get the film ready by 2013, and 2014 is already packed with Marvel Character movies. In 2014, not only does Marvel have two announced for sure films (with Ant-Man also possible), but both Sony and FOX are releasing films with Marvel Characters as well. With The Amazing Spider-Man sequel set for May 2, 2014, Marvel Studios wouldn’t want to drop the Avengers bomb on Spider-Man in May 2014.

2015 just makes sense. And with Joss Whedon’s exclusive contract set to run out in June 2015, it also makes sense that May 2015 would be the target release date. As far as arriving at the exact May 1, 2015 release date, it’s no secret that Marvel pretty much owns the first Friday in May. Marvel Studios has already released four previous movies with a fifth one already announced on the first Friday in May. It’s just good timing because it coordinates with Free Comic Book Day which occurs on the first Saturday in May.