Baby Stops Crying When He Hears Star Wars' Imperial March


Uh-oh, looks like mommy and daddy have a baby Sith Lord on their hands!

Parents are always looking for new ones to stop their babies from crying. One method that seems to calm babies down is music. Though, the hard part is finding the right song or musician that does the trick.

In the case of Micah Hayman, he was able to soothe his baby son Eli with one of, if not the most iconic Star Wars song of all time: "The Imperial March" (aka Darth Vader's theme). Watch as the 11-week-old quickly goes from a crying mess to a mesmerized fan of John Williams' brilliant score.

"He was screaming one day and nothing I did would calm him down," Hayman told ABC. "For some reason I decided to pull up the 'Imperial March,' and he stopped crying as soon as it started playing."


Hayman uploaded the video on Youtube last Thursday and it already has over 260K views.