Back To The Future Day Is Today

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

After years of false starts with fake memes spread across social media, today is in fact, the day that Doc Brown took Marty McFly and his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, 30 years into the future for the sake of their kids.

Universal has gone all out to celebrate Back to the Future this year with exhibits at New York Comic-Con giving out Pepsi Perfect, releasing a 30th anniversary edition on Blu-ray, producing a Monopoly, a new comic from IDW, making a faux Jaws 19 trailer, even AMC aired the trilogy all day back in July. So yeah, there's a lot going on celebrating Back To The Future.

Looking back at the movie, released in 1989, the future seemed so far away. There was instant pizza, cyberpunk-influenced fashion, and, of course, the Mattel Hoverboard.

Recently, had the chance to talk to Back To The Future writer, Bob Gale about the roots of the futuristic technology from the Skype-like conference calls to the Holomax (which is kind of like IMAX 3D). While we don't have actual hoverboards, it seems we're getting closer to that each year.

The future isn't so dystopian like it was in the movie, so I guess it's clear to party like it's 2015!