Back To The Future Franchise Gets An Honest Trailer

(Photo: Screen Junkies)

The Honest Trailers crew is at it again, and like the rest of the internet and corporate world, they're cashing in on "Back to the Future Day," the exact date that Marty arrived in 2015 in Back to the Future Part II. The trailer makes fun of the repetition used in the films, something writer Bob Gale told was very much on purpose.

"It's not just the original you loved, but it's also... parts of the other ones!" the Honest Trailers video says.


"You'll almost forgive them for tricking you into believeing that Hoverboards were real" is probably the other best line of the whole thing. There are also some nice nods to current homages and memes like Rick and Morty and "Biff as Trump." It's not so much tearing into a beloved franchise as it is another little tip of the hat from someone who clearly loves it as much as we all do. Watch, laugh, enjoy.