Back To The Future Trilogy Grosses $4.8 Million First Day of Re-Release


The Back to the Future films have been a little more in the public eye this week, in case you've been off the internet for the last few days. Universal Pictures knew it would be, too, and played into that as much as they could, including putting the films back in theaters for the weekend, starting with Wednesday's "Back to the Future Day," the day Marty and Doc Brown arrived in 2015.

Well, the gambit paid off, with almost $5 million grossed in a day for a franchise whose last film came out 25 years ago. That included $1.65 million domestic, $1.4 million in Germany (all three films took the top three spots in the box office there), and number 1 in Italy at $585,000.

It's a testament to the franchise, and the fans who made the day into an international event. There were 45 million posts on facebook about "Back to the Future Day" on Wednesday, and only 1 million of those were from us here at, so we feel good about that. In New York Wednesday night, the cast and crew reunited for a special talk and screening of the films.