Barack Obama And Abraham Lincoln On Spider-Man Cover

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has announced that they will be doing a record fifth printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583. Marvel Comics has already sold out of four previous printings of the comic book, which features Spider-Man at Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration. In Amazing Spider-Man #583, Spider-Man helps to reveal a super-villain named the Chameleon that is attempting to impersonate President Barack Obama. The cover of the first four printings of the comic featured Spider-Man and Barack Obama against various backdrops. The first edition featured a light blue background, the second edition featured a light yellow background, the third edition featured an American flag against a light blue background, and the fourth edition featured an American flag against a white background. The fifth printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583 once again features Spider-Man and President Barack Obama, but this time there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the background. Since the fifth printing is the first printing to also include Abraham Lincoln, it will likely sell out as well. The Amazing Spider-Man #583 Fifth Printing Variant is set to arrive in comic book stores on Wednesday, February 18, 2009. Amazing Spider-Man #583 is written by Mark Waid and Zeb Wells with pencils by Barry Kitson and Todd Nauck. The cover is by Phil Jimenez.