Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Set Photos Seemingly Spoils a Major Death


Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A Reddit User has posted photographs from one of the sets of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to LINK REMOVED and they appear to spoil a major death in the universe of the film.

It's in the scene with the Wayne family plot where we'd already seen some photos of Thomas and Martha Wayne's graves, and...

...It appears to be the grave of Dick Grayson.


There had been rumors of a dead Robin, complete with a suit in a glass case in the Batcave. Last night, we thought we might even have spotted the suit in the background of a shot in the trailer. But given the comic book history, everyone had speculated that the dead Robin would be Jason Todd. Dick Grayson has been rumored to have grown up, "graduated" out of being Robin and become Nightwing.


Commenters on Reddit had suggested that it could actually be John Grayson, Dick's father, although his presence in what appears to be a family plot on the grounds of Wayne Manor would be curious.

Dick Grayson, of course, was slotted to die in the 2005 comic book mega-event Infinite Crisis. The decision was changed at the last minute, reportedly in part because fans got wind of it and the response was overwhelmingly negative. More recently, last year's event series Forever Evil saw Dick's heart momentarily stop, before he was resuscitated in secret and whisked away to work for a spy organization, leaving his superhero identity behind. Such a "fake" death could play into the larger DC Cinematic Universe, giving Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad a foil in Batman's first-ever sidekick and/or allowing the filmmakers to bring him back into the picture at any time after establishing his "death" here.