Batman v Superman: Easter Eggs and References in Comic-Con Trailer

Wayne FinancialThe trailer opens not on an actual fight between the major heroes, but with [...]

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Like many of you, we here at are watching the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that debuted Saturday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 over and over again. It's basically on repeat at every branch of the offices.

While we've talked about cool moments, and the important things we learned, we wanted to go on a little Easter Egg hunt, too, showing off the references to comics and more that we could spot in this three minutes and change of footage.

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Wayne Financial

The trailer opens not on an actual fight between the major heroes, but with Batman's motivation for the whole shebang. In a scene that takes place during the climax of Man of Steel, we see the Wayne Tower (that was in that movie) brought down by the battle between Superman and General Zod. Bruce Wayne is not happy by the wanton destruction, or the fact that Superman can't seem to be bothered thinking about civilians. See, it's also an Easter Egg about fan and critic reactions! Two for one!

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Wayne Manor

Well, we're 90% sure anyway. Apparently since Batman's been at it for awhile, he's long since decided to ignore his old family home.

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The Bat Cave

Yes, we're only 50 seconds into the trailer so far – there are a lot of major bits in this trailer! Here we see the Bat Cave, a very modern-day version of it, that looks more like the Batman, Inc. version, when Batman moved his major base of operations away from the original Bat Cave underneath Wayne Manor.

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You Let Your Family Die

This ominous message scrawled on a picture of the destroyed Wayne Tower could be a direct reference to the Tower, but our money is on it being a taunt from The Joker, one of two we see in this trailer. The family in question? Well, likely the person who was wearing that mounted costume…

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Batarang, check. And very sharp. Batjet (Batwing?) check. Oh, and that awesome, quick shot of the grappling gun as he zips away from a building (above) before Superman's heat vision melts it? Che-freakin-eck!

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Zip Before Zod

General Zod is back! Well, kind of. He's dead, still, from that whole neck-snapping thing you may have read, heard, or participated in an argument about. But there's his body, being unzipped presumably by Lex Luthor, and after seemingly being delivered in a United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases case.

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Robin Costume!

We talked about this already at length. It's also an easter egg within one, as it includes (more?) writing presumably from The Joker. Yipe.

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Prince. Diana Prince.

Before we got a shot of Wonder Woman in action, we got a look at her in civilian clothing, She's clad in white – which might just be because she looks good, but could also be a nod to her "mod" era in the early 70s, when she wore a white bodysuit.

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The Waynes Die Again

Oh, poor Thomas and Martha Wayne, they just keep on dying on screen. Big screen, little screen, live action, animation, movie, tv, video game. Well, while Batman's origin is arguably the most well-known in the world, we still see a quick shot of it here.

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Wonder Woman's Bracelets

The iconic pose of Wonder Woman crossing her arms is in this trailer, though here it somehow appears to create a massive blast and explosion. It's one of the more curious moments in the trailer, but interesting and a good single shot nonetheless.

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"Super" Soldiers?

Soldiers bearing the Superman "S" (sorry – "hope") crest on their shoulders are seen a couple of times in this trailer. It's reminiscent of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game universe, where Superman becomes a despotic ruler, and recruits an army of soldiers to carry out his new world order. It also precedes a cool sequence of Batman taking on several armed men, all while wearing an outfit reminiscent of a couple of his "Elseworld" styles.

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Got a Pocket Full of Kryptonite

We've mentioned this a couple of times, too, but a big glowing green rock in Lex Luthor's possession? That's most likely Kryptonite, the radioactive portion of Superman's home planet that can hurt and depower the hero.

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Wonderful Weapons

It's been teased already, but this Wonder Woman is a warrior. Her weaponry includes the shield and sword, and the famous golden lasso (well, golden rope) at her waist.

The Dark Knight Returns

Recognize this frame? Go google the cover of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, which features one of the biggest fights in Batman vs Superman history, and served as inspiration to many aspects of this film.

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