Bee and Puppycat #1 Sells Out, Headed For Second Printing


BOOM! Studios announced this morning that Bee and Puppycat #1 has sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors and will head back for a second printing. The critically-acclaimed "magical girl" series may still be available at the retail level and, of course, is available digitally at ComiXology. Written by Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson, and illustrated by Allegri, BEE AND PUPPYCAT is based on the Cartoon Hangover short that went on to become the most-funded webseries project in Kickstarter history. Allegri had built up a big fan-following on Tumblr while working on the Adventure Time cartoon, then created gender-swapped characters, Fionna and Cake, that became so popular, they were put into the show. Her newest creation, Bee and Puppycat, is a slice-of-life story with a twist, and it has so much comedy and enchantment you can't help but be swept up. "It's really gratifying to see the comic book community respond to Bee and Puppycat like this," said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. "We couldn't wait to work with Natasha again and help her bring this magical world to life in comics. We're fans of Bee and PuppyCat ourselves, so it's a crazy amount of fun telling new stories that are additive to the web series." Bee and Puppycat #1 is a quirky new take on the magical girl genre with Bee, the forever unemployed main character who can't seem to figure out life, and the mysterious PuppyCat, a stray…whatever it is…that she stumbled across who has a powerful secret. Fighting bad guys has never been so funny!