Black Panther Is Not A Traditional Superhero In Captain America: Civil War


Black Panther finds himself in a unique position in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. At the beginning of the movie he is really not aligned with any one side, and mostly comes to make sure this whole conflict is contained to America.

Being the ruler of Wakanda brings many responsibilities, one of which is preventing threats like this from spreading. That ruler aspect of the character is something that will factor into his Civil War debut. Through Chadwick Boseman's chat with Collider, we now know a few other things about the character, as well as the actor.

For instance, there is no origin story in Civil War for him. Most likely they are leaving that to be explored in his own movie, and the same can be said for Wakanda itself. People know of it in the cinematic universe, but it does not make an appearance here. I find that a positive, as there is already so much going on here, no need to shoehorn an origin and another country in the already limited time frame.

Boseman also shared some insight as to who Black Panther is, and how he is regarded.

"He's a warrior, and it's part of their tradition. It's not like he's like, "Who is that masked guy that's doing this stuff?" Everybody knows it's him, and they expect that it's him, and they pray to God, or even praying to him in some cases, that he would do the things that he's doing. Which is much different than most of the superheroes in which you don't know their identity and you don't know when they might show up. There's an expectation that's much different. So that's the main difference."

Also of note, the suit is really hot. Excruciatingly so.

"It's hot. It's blazing hot. Listen, it's so hot. I've never been that hot before in my life, seriously."

While he only pops up a few times in the trailer, he evidently does have some significant action sequences in the full film.

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6th, 2016.


via Collider