Brad Bird Talks About What To Expect In The Incredibles 2


Brad Bird is busy promoting his newest film, Tomorrowland, but he’s also got The Incredibles 2 as the next meal on his plate.

Speaking to UK film magazine Little White Lies, Bird spoke a bit about the challenges inherent in revisiting The Incredibles:

"I think that the greatest special effect is caring about a character. A lot of movies seem to forget that, and they bring out a lot of fireballs and then wonder why the fireballs don't have that much impact, no matter how loud and how big they are. But the truth is that the fireball isn't that exciting unless you care about the person running from it.

"It can be fun, and certainly I had a blast getting to do the action sequences in The Incredibles, but that's the dessert. Every movie is kind of a risk, and you're thrown into a new pool and you haven't learned how to swim in it yet, so I'm going to bumble along and make the same mistakes that I usually do and hopefully spot them and correct them. I really love those characters and that aspect of getting to be with them again is exciting to me."

Tomorrowland opens May 22.




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