Catwoman Now Looks Like Michelle Pfeiffer In The Comics

(Photo: DC Comics/Warner Bros)

Now that's a cat of a different color.

Having been raven-haired since her inception, outside of the first incarnation of Batman: The Animated Series, and of course Batman Returns, Catwoman is taking on a dramatic makeover. Claire Underwood style.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Selina Kyle dyed her hair blond in the newest issue of Catwoman, where she takes on a familiar look that writer Frank Tieri makes a not-so-subtle and very meta nod to. Also, nice shoutout to underrated fantasy flick, Ladyhawke.

(Photo: DC Comics)

What do you fans think of Selina's new look? Do you think it's a long-term thing?

Catwoman #48 by Frank Tieri & Inaki Miranda is on available now.

(Via Bleeding Cool)