Charles Roven Reiterates The Flash TV and Movie Universes are Separate

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

With the huge success of The Flash - it's The CW's top-rated show, and while it was a spin-off itself, has essentially had two spin-offs (one direct, one on another channel) born from it, it's easy to see how some fans are now thinking: why is there a totally different Flash coming to the big screen? Grant Gustin is The Flash, right? With Ezra Miller playing the same character, no less, Barry Allen, in the film Flash, and the show introducing the idea of parallel worlds, some fans have found renewed hope that the show and film could be connected.

Not so says producer Charles Roven, who reiterated the film and TV universes are complete separate in an interview with Collider.

Roven was very complimentary to Gustin, calling him "terrific" at what he's doing, and that "whether it’s The Flash or Arrow, they’re doing a great job with the TV shows they’re doing. Gotham, that show’s really terrific. And we obviously wish them the best." However, it has no bearing on the film, or the film universe, in any way. "It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens when we have a different Flash in a different universe. We’re gonna try to stay in our universe and they’re gonna be staying, I think, in their universe, and hopefully the audiences will embrace both. I think they can."

Warner Bros executives have been singing this tune for about a year now. Despite Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment being heavily involved in both the film and TV universes, it seems that's more to make sure they're not stepping on each others' toes than to eventually bring them together. That's in opposition to the Marvel Studios universe, whose motto is "It's all Connected," as their TV shows and films link together in one universe. The Star Wars world, also under Disney, established a "Story Group" to make sure that their films, TV shows, comic books, novels, and any other future story endeavor would all take place in one shared universe, as well.