Check Out The 50 Most Famous Cars In The Last 50 Years Of Cinema

(Photo: Scott Parker)

There are some heroes you know automatically who they are by the car they drive. See the Batmobile in action? No doubt Batman is on the case. See Ecto-1 flashing its sirens, there's a spook on the loose and there's about to be some ghostbustin'. There is the saying that the clothes make the man, but sometimes, it's the car.

Jalopnick put together this infographic of a timeline of cool cars in cinema, starting with Green Hornet's 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown, the Black Beauty to Rey's Speeder from The Force Awakens. Of course, it takes a little liberty with the usage of the word "car", but there are definitely some cool ones here.

Only one James Bond car makes this list, which is unfortunate, but it's still an Aston Martin.

Any ones you think he missed? Let us know in the comments below.