Chewbacca Selected First In NFL Mock Star Wars Draft


As part of the Star War Day festivities, a mock NFL Draft featuring Star Wars character from the films and the now defunct expanded universe.

Drafted first was Chewbacca, going to the Huston Texans. As the draft explains:

The Texans probably could use a signal-caller like Han Solo, but they'll have plenty of opportunity to grab one in the second round. However, pair Chewbacca on the defensive line with J.J. Watt and there's no way you can get a pass off. His reach alone is incredible. And just try to kick a field goal with Chewy on the field. Chewy as a receiver in the red zone, too. There's way too much upside here.

Plus, it’s just common knowledge that you should always let the Wookie win.

The draft even breaks gender barriers by allowing Mara Jade – Luke Skywalker's now non-canonical wife – to be drafted to the Baltimore Ravens. Leia, on the other hand, was left out of the draft entirely.

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