Christina Wren Will Reprise Man Of Steel Role For Batman V Superman


In a recent interview, Christina Wren, who appeared in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, confirmed that she will reprise her role as Captain Carrie Farris in Batman v Superman.

"We filmed mostly in August," Wren told Pittsburgh Magazine. "I was out in Detroit. Back a little bit in September."

Obviously, she couldn't share many details, but she was excited to be apart of Batman v Superman. "I can tell you that I think it’s going to be badass," she exclaimed. "They’re just such an awesome team. The bits that I was on set for look fantastic; everyone in it is fantastic. It’s exciting; it’s high-energy; it’s high-action. They are addressing all of the things that they set up in “Man of Steel."

Many people believe that her character's name Carrie Farris is an easter egg or a nod to Carol Ferris, who in the comic books is Green Lantern/Hal Jordan's love interest that later becomes the villain known as Star Sapphire. "So there’s some gossip; this has not been officially confirmed with me at all," Wren said when the subject was brought up. "But my character’s name is Carrie Farris; there’s a character named Carol Farris who’s the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire. But I have no idea if that’s the plan; they’re not even slated to do a Green Lantern film for several years."


Wren has worked on many small projects and discussed how much different it is to work on a big-budget production. "In Batman v Superman, I was essentially in eight pages for four or five days," Wren explained. "You’re really focusing on getting every moment just right — there’s a lot more people in the room, and the stakes are just so high. They have to nail it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice leaps into theaters March 25th, 2016.