Comic Book Hot List for January 11, 2012

Two weeks into the new year, and already we're swimming in great, exciting new comics to read! [...]

Two weeks into the new year, and already we're swimming in great, exciting new comics to read!  We have several big issues coming out this week from all the major publishers, and there's no time like the present to get started.  Let's jump right in with DC Comics and what they have in store for us! DC Comics 1.  Batgirl #5  It's a new arc for Barbara, as she faces not only the return of her mother, but a dangerous new villain in Gretel. 2.  Superboy #5  In the run up to Superboy's clash with the Teen Titans sees Superboy start to make some tough choices 3.  Swamp Thing #5  The Parliament of Trees faces some trouble this week, with the battle spreading more globally. 4.  Batwoman #5  "Hydrology" ends here, as Batwoman faces off at last with The Weeping Woman. 5.  Batman and Robin #5  Nobody tightens the screws on Damian this week.  That's right, Odyssey reference! 6.  Green Lantern #5  Sinestro and Hal finish their invasion of Korugar, but can they work together? 7.  Grifter #5  Oh what's wrong with a little old fashioned con job?  Find out here! Marvel  1.Wolverine #300 It's a biggie, with new Silver Samurai, action in Japan, and Wolverine's daughter!!? 2.  Wolverine and the X-Men #4  More Wolverine fun, and the school gets two new students, and oh yeah, a pregnancy! 3.  New Avengers #20  Ooooh boy! The New Avengers take on Norman 's new Dark Avengers!! 4.  Amazing Spider-Man #677 Daredevil! Black Cat! Spider-Man! What else can happen! Lots, of course! 5.  Magneto: Not a Hero #3  Joseph gathers the Brotherhood and Magneto must face them all.  Yep, you heard right. 6.  Punishermax #21  The Punisher and the Kingpin face off in one final, knock down, drag out face off! 7.  Scarlet Spider #1  A new Scarlet Spider emerges from the chaos of Spider Island.  Find out who it is! Image Comics  1.  Invincible #87  This issue marks the return of Ryan Ottley, so be sure to get on board! 2.  Spawn #215  Part three of "The Gathering Storm" is here, and death is on the way. 3.  Moriarity #8  Moriarity is the hunted in this latest chapter, and a riot also breaks out.  What's a genius to do? 4.  Severed #6  The next to last chapter of this mini is here, and its building up to the final chapter of this early 20th century horror tale. 5. Heart #3  Fist-pounding fun is here, as MMA fighter Rooster Redmond squares up for a doozie! For mature readers only though Dark Horse 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #5  Nightmares abound for Buffy, as she adjusts to a new world of her creating. 2.  House of Night #3  Greek mythology and vampyre lore combine here, as this new series continues to build. 3.  Dark Matter #1  It's a new sci-fi tale, with a crew, a memory loss, and a relentless security system out to destroy. 4.  Orchid #4  Will the revolution happen?  Find out here, as the enemy's numbers are bigger than Orchid expects. 5.  Kull: The Cat and the Skull #4  The cat's truth is revealed! Bet you thought you wouldn't read that this week! Boom! Studios 1.  Roger Langridge's Snarked #4  The first arc ends here, and be here before the Snarkhunter leaves you on shore! 2.  Seven Warriors #3  Sixth century Libya is the stage for this final chapter of seven women warriors battling for a kingdom! 3.  Operation: Broken Wings, 1936 #3  The end is here for this series as well, with German intrigue in abundance! Top Cow 1.  Darkness #97  Estacado continues to barrel forward towards his 100th issue!  Oh, and some past figures resurface! 2.  Netherworld #4  The next to last chapter is here, and we ARE all lost!! 3.  Epoch #4  More supernatural blood sport and fun!  And no, you don't have to be a Warlock or a Gorgon to read it! That's all for the week folks!  Get to reading!!!