Comic Book Previews for December 3rd, 2009

Hey, welcome back! You made it; you survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other sales [...]

Hey, welcome back! You made it; you survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other sales in between to get here in time for our weekly edition of comic book previews! Just a quick reminder for you though, new comics will come out on THURSDAY of this week, not the usual Wednesday! With that in mind, it's time to take a look at the goings on in comics this week! First up, Marvel launches the first piece of their "Fall of the Hulks" event with Fall of the Hulks Alpha #1, which promises to reveal the role villains such as MODOK, The Leader and Doctor Doom have in the upcoming mega-Hulk event! Speaking of beginnings, Seige: The Cabal #1 kicks off the answers to the long-asked question surrounding Norman Osborn: 'when will it all stop?'. Perhaps you may begin getting your answers here! The Marvels Project #4 continues the story of the early days of the Marvel universe, as a scrawny Steve Rogers enters the picture here! What If? Secret Invasion brings a one-shot that provides two tales that show a couple of ways the Skrull invasion could have gone! Will the Void finally triumph in this week's tale from Uncanny X-Men #518? How will Cyclops handle the powerful entity? Doctor Doom is a busy man this week, as he also shows up in the pages of Thor #604, as the Asgardian god goes to Latveria to set Doom straight! Last but certainly not least, Dark Avengers Annual #1 catches up with Marvel Boy, who has been AWOL for awhile now! No one escapes Norman quite so easily!

It's a double-dose of the undead this week in the DC universe, as two limited series kick off. Blackest Night: Flash and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman both kick off with their first issues out of three this week. Diana faces her role in the death of Maxwell Lord when he returns as a Black Lantern, and the Flashes face the undead Rogues! How will it all end? Gunslinger Jonah Hex reaches a milestone this week with the release of Jonah Hex #50, double-sized for your pleasure! JSA All-Stars #1 picks up where the group split off recently, showing a new headquarters, new team and lots more! Superman's troubles follow him everywhere, this week it's when a murder hits the pages of Superman: World of New Krypton #10. For fans of lighter fare perhaps, check out the latest adventures of Duck Dodgers in Looney Tunes #181! Dark Horse brings us a powerful twosome this week, with the release of Aliens #4,

which will bring more sci-fi intrigue and suspense and more monsters line up for a shot at Sereda. Empowered Special: The Wench With a Million Sighs brings us a one-shot focusing on the heroine and her battle against a grave robber of all things! Image Comics presents a limited series that seeks to build on the success of its predecessor. Existence 3.0 launches its premier issue this week, following up on the success of Existence 2.0 this summer; a new technological thriller starts here! Savage Dragon #155 kicks off a new story arc, and The Mice Templar: Destiny #5 throws love, duals and secret camps into the mix this week with another solid issue! Donald Duck and Friends #348 comes back this week, courtesy of the happy elves at Boom! Also this week, Boom brings the first issue of their latest series, Dingo. Dingo is after a very special box, and he's apparently fine with doing whatever it takes to get it. Be there for the first issue of this newest noir story! Dynamite brings The Boys #37 this week, alongside two other strong titles Athena #3 and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #6. Be ready for plenty of comic book amusement this week!!