Comic Book Previews for November 4th, 2009

Had enough candy? Hopefully by the time this Wednesday rolls around you'll have recovered from [...]

Had enough candy? Hopefully by the time this Wednesday rolls around you'll have recovered from the sugar high and the inevitable sugar crash in time to pick up and read this week's new comics! Marvel has several solo features and limited series this week, starting with one of the most anticipated, Psylocke #1! This popular X-Man gets her own series this week, as she travels to put the remains of her former body to rest, but of course, it's not that easy! Also, in the spirit of revival and rejuvenation, a new seven-issue series starring none other than Deathlok premieres with Deathlok #1. What will be the tale of one of Marvel's most popular cyborgs? The most powerful mystic in Marvel returns this week when Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #2 arrives in stores. Follow the ever-developing adventures of Marvel's new Sorcerer Supreme! Black Widow also gets in on the solo action act this week with Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1, a story that brings Natalia Romanova's past into a collision course with her present! Speaking of the past, the saga of Steve Rogers' return continues as well in the pages of Captain America: Reborn #4. Amazing Spider-Man #610 brings about the conclusion to the "Who was Ben Reilly" storyline, setting up an interesting team-up in next week's issue!

DC Comics has plenty of exciting things in store as well, not the least of which is the first issue of a new ten-part mini-series. The Great Ten #1 begins a tale that features the super-team of the People's Republic of China, the Great Ten. Spinning out of the pages of 52, this Tony Bedard-written story puts the heroes on a collision course with the ancient gods of China itself! Get on board for this new adventure! Two Batman limited series put their next issues in stores this week, as Batman: Unseen #3 and Batman: Widening Gyre #3 both are released! Secret Six #15 has a special focus on Deadshot this week, with special guest John Ostrander taking the writing responsibilities for this issue. More developments are promised this week in Superman: World of New Krypton #9. Scott Ian of Anthrax makes his impression with the Main Man this week as Lobo: Highway to Hell #1 debuts!

Dark Horse brings an action-packed issue of Buffy this week with Buffy the Vampire Slayer #30. What happens when Buffy and friends are up against a wall, without their powers no less? Age of Reptiles: The Journey #1 sees Ricardo Delgado take us back to the age of the dinosaurs with this new issue. Image Comics brings the final issue of Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem with issue three. Mayhem faces off against his father in his final issue. How will it end? Find out! Haunt #2 follows up the blockbuster first issue from the team of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman! An interesting one-shot hits shelves this week with the release of Eternal Conflicts of the Cosmic Warrior. Paul Grist has story, cover and art duties in this quirky adventure featuring a man and a would-be empress named Bernadette!

Dynamite Entertainment brings the final issue of the Garth Ennis mini-series The Boys: Herogasm with issue number six. Along with that The Boys #36 hits stands, side-by-side with Athena #2 and Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama #3. The president continues his industry-wide misadventures in this latest issue! Dynamite also brings two more entries in the Project Superpowers line with the release of Project Superpowers: Meet the Bad Guys #3 and Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #4. Boom! Studios continues their expansion into the Disney realm of titles with the release of Donald Duck and Friends #347. It's a new era for the iconic fowl, as he takes off in this new story! The Wizards of Mickey story continues in the pages of Mickey Mouse and Friends #297. Adults and kids are both winners this week, courtesy of Boom! Well, there's plenty to keep you busy this week, so get that bucket of leftover candy, or apples (I don't judge), and dig into some comic book sweetness!!