Valiant Comics' Book Of Death: Chapter 0, Part 2 Released

Welcome back to Valiant Comics and's exclusive Book of Death: Chapter Zero web comic, continuing the Eternal Warrior's adventure as he heads into Valiant's Book of Death events series later this year.

In the one-page tale from Robert Venditti and artist CAFU, The Enternal Warrior's journey goes from bad to worse for him and his young ally. As a flock a malicious birds descend upon the duo, it's clear that something is terribly wrong with the Earth and its protector, The Geomancer (That, or Alfred Hitchcock is the Valiant Universe's latest villain).

You can check out second chapter below. Miss the first chapter? No sweat. You can read it, along with the official announcement,here.

How did the Valiant Universe find itself in such dire straights? Where can the Eternal Warrior go from here! Take a guess in the comments, and be sure to head back to next week for Chapter 3.


The Book of Death #1 hits comic shops and digital devices on July 17.