ComiXology Cyber Monday Sale: Just Like Black Friday, But With DC Comics


ComiXology announced last night that their Cyber Monday sale, good today on the popular digital comics retailer, will expand their Black Friday sale (as detailed here) to include $4.99 copies of DC Comics digital collected editions.

The first volume of every New 52 title has been added to the already-steeply-discounted Avengers vs. X-Men lineup from Marvel and select Image collected editions, bringing DC onto the retailer's Cyber Monday spotlight.

All told, the sale will feature 56 titles, including the first volumes of any book which has already seen a trade paperback since the launch of the New 52. Excepted are miniseries like The Penguin: Pain and Prejudice and The Shade, as well as any title new enough that it hasn't yet had a paperback release for its first volume.