Constantine's Unproduced Scripts Should Be a Comic Book Series

constantineToday, debuted the final chapter of Revolution, a comic book continuation of the cult-favorite TV series of the same name, written by members of the show's writing staff.

It's not the first time such a continuation has taken place, with some of the more obvious examples being Smallville and Charmed. But what it certainly is, is an opportunity.

DC Entertainment's Constantine, now apparently dead on television due to lapsed contracts with its writers and producers after its cancellation on NBC, is a great example of a project where a very limited-run series like Revolution could do well.

Why? Well, because there's already material to feed into it.

Constantine had four additional scripts ordered last year -- but not episodes. Ultimately, the show's initial thirteen-episode order remained unchanged and the extra scripts sat on a shelf, hoping in vain for a Season Two that never came.

Fans, though, the show has. It averaged each week, by a significant measure, more than the average top-ten comic book sells in a month, and they've been actively engaged online, hoping to get more episodes of the TV show.

It's a safe bet those same fans would be a fairly captive audience for a Season 1.5 comic book, especially if framed in the light of an argument that its success might help catapult Matt Ryan's Constantine to appearances on Arrow, The Flash or other DC properties on TV or in film.

We know that the planned additional four episodes would have featured a number of DC Comics characters, including Dr. Thirteen, so it's likely that a series featuring these "missing" episodes could give fans a glimpse at what might have been -- and what might still be, if Warner Bros. Television were to use the character elsewhere.

What do you think, Hellblazers? Do you want to see the unproduced scripts pop up somewhere, or is the beautifully-executed new series Constantine: The Hellblazer good enough for you?