Dan Amboyer Talks Secret Batman V. Superman Role: Is He Green Lantern?


With persistent rumors that he might be playing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Dan Amboyer is spending a lot of time in interviews being asked questions that both he and the interviewers know he's not allowed to answer.

Whatever his role is in DC Entertainment's nascent film universe, Amboyer has clearly been sworn to secrecy...but that isn't keeping people like PopSugar from asking him questions like what his favorite color is (he didn't say green...at least at first).

It's worth mentioning, though, that he won't stay anonymous for long. With Batman V Superman set to debut in just over a month and press and fan screenings likely to happen even before that, anything major that happens in the film itself is likely to be at least strongly rumored in the coming weeks.

And, according to Amboyer, his character is indeed identified in Batman V Superman.

In fact, the actor who auditioned to play Superman in Man of Steel and Barry Allen in The Flash is reportedly playing a role where his name will appear onscreen.

"Oh, yes. It does appear, but it's kind of an undercover thing," Amboyer teased. "The name appears on me at one point."

As it might, when you're a pilot. Like Hal Jordan.


Of course, that might not be fair. He's already rumored to be a "drone pilot" named Lt. Christie, although given the secrecy surrounding his character, playing somebody who was invented for the film seems...unlikely.

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