Dana White Looking For CM Punk's UFC Debut Opponent

It's almost been a year to the day when Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks announced he had signed a [...]

(Photo: UFC)

It's almost been a year to the day when Phil "CM Punk" Brooks announced he had signed a multi-fight deal with Dana White's UFC. Brooks, a former multi-time WWE Champion, said he would fight in the middleweight or welterweight division in 2015, but that has yet to happen.

Enter reality TV.

Dana White recently launched Dana White: Looking For a Fight, a YouTube pilot that has White, his childhood friend Nick "The Tooth", and former UFC Ultimate Fighter winner Matt Serra, traveling the world looking for up and coming talent. Recently the UFC President was a guest on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, talking about Brooks' finally getting into the Octagon.

On the subject if White knew it would take a year for Brooks to finally fight, he had said that due to Brooks' background, he was unsure from the start. "It's the first time this guy has ever trained to fight. The guy has never wrestled. He's professional wrestled but he's never wrestled." White did confirm that Brooks will fight next year. "100-percent," he said.

Landsberg also asked about how much leeway will White give Brooks when issuing his opponent. Landsberg stated that due to Brooks' star power that it would be wise not to put him with a "nobody", but to also having to prove what he's got. That's where White mentioned the pilot.

"I'm actually looking for opponents for CM Punk right now."

You can check out the pilot in the link above, but it seems that White is being very cautious how he's handling Brooks debut right now. With Brooks potentially bringing over a lot of WWE fans to UFC, White making him into one of UFC's big stars should be a priority, but interest could wane if they wait too much longer.