David Finch Explains How Frank Miller, Other Artists Influence Wonder Woman

(Photo: David Finch / DC Comics)

Wonder Woman's recently debuted a new armored costume over the summer, as designed by David Finch in Wonder Woman #41. Throughout the book, he took influences from several artists, he told DC Entertainment's All-Access show. From a statue he found an image of online to the dark, shadowy tones of Eduardo Risso, "who is one of my favorites," and even direct influences from Cliff Chiang, his predecessor on the book.

Once he got to Olympus, though, that's where the Frank Miller comes in, he said. "Frank Miller's a big influence, I think on Eduardo, so it was natural," he said. "Some of this more hard line, kind of edgy stuff, that's a little Frank Miller."


It's an interesting look behind-the-scenes, with Finch explaining each shot and each individual influence. He also said it's "a really big deal" to get to design a new costume for Wonder Woman. "I think you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who hasn't heard of Wonder Woman," he said.