DC Comics Teases New Look For Harley Quinn In Rebirth


On March 26th DC Comics will unveil a wealth of details on their upcoming Rebirth event, but they are also throwing out some teasers leading up to the big reveal.


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The newest one gives us the briefest glimpse of Harley Quinn, who appears to have a newly updated costume. It lies somewhere between her most recent Suicide Squad comic look and Zack Snyder's film look but seems to favor showing skin over any kind of practicality.

She does seem armed to the teeth, though, with an A.K. and a rocket launcher strapped to her back. The teaser also features a big green guy behind her, which I figure is either Killer Croc or Swamp Thing, but I can't really tell.


DC's Wondercon Rebirth Panel launches on March 26th at 9 am Pacific Standard Time.