DC Comics Veteran Paul Levitz Leaving Earth 2: World's End Weekly

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Former DC Comics Publisher and current Worlds' Finest writer Paul Levitz has left Earth 2: World's End and will focus exclusively on a major new shift on Worlds' Finest, CBR reports. Rumors have been circulating that Levitz had left the weekly title, making him the second high-profile writer to exit one of DC's ambitious new weekly series after John Layman bailed on Batman Eternal shortly after the book began publication. "The biggest thing with Worlds' Finest is [Power Girl and Huntress] aren't going to be in it for a while!" Levitz said. "They're off on Earth 2 and they'll be in the Earth 2: World's End weekly and someone else will be guiding their destiny for a while. We'll see what happens to them, but I imagine they'll have a very challenging time -- with a title like 'World's End' that's some pretty scary stuff, I suspect! But Worlds' Finest will continue, and the guys were kind enough to throw me the challenge of saying, 'We've never really told that much about the stories of the Earth 2 Superman and Batman that exist now, so why don't you be Worlds' Finest traditional and tell some stories about those guys for a while?' "I'm going to stick on 'Worlds' Finest' and maybe some other projects; ultimately I decided that the structure of the World's End weekly just wasn't ideal for me at this time," Levitz continued. "I wish them well with it, I hope fans have fun with them -- these weeklies are very interesting challenges, but it just wasn't the right thing for me to be doing at this moment."