Director James Wan Says It's Furious 'Seven,' Not Furious '7'


Get ready for the biggest style guide news since the mandatory hyphen in  "Spider-Man."

According to Director James Wan, his upcoming Fast and the Furious film should be "Furious Seven," not "Furious 7". Despite the numeral's inclusion in all official posters, merchandise, and marketing for the film, Wan is insistent that writers spell the number out.

But, at least the director has a good reason. In a recent interview, Wan cited the classic film Seven Samurai as his main inspiration for the movie. In his mind, the Toretto family and their muscle cars are modern-day interpretations of that film's samurai and horses, among many other parallels.

"In the actual movie, I wanted to spell the word 'Seven' out, as opposed to just the number 7," Wan told Entertainment Weekly. "It's Furious Seven, like Seven Samurai." 


Furious 7—err, Seven, hits theaters on April Third.