Hong Kong Disneyland Set to Replace Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Hong Kong Disneyland is about to get rid of its most recognizable landmark.

As Disney fans will know, the majority of the parks feature one of the popular castles from the animated films. Hong Kong Disneyland is about to break from tradition a bit, as the park prepares to replace Sleeping Beauty's Castle next month.

The re-working of the iconic structure may seem odd, but the Chinese park actually has something even more unique planned to rise in its place. This new, reimagined castle will combine parts from many of Disney's beloved films and franchises, not just the ones that contain princesses.

Hong Kong's updated castle will mesh cultures from all over the world, and pay homage to multiple Disney favorites. This includes classic animated movies, as well as popular Pixar franchises.

hong kong disneyland castle
(Photo: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)

One of the spires atop the castle will reference Beauty and the Beast with a rose, while another will reference Snow White with a poisoned apple. Cinderella's carriage will even be included somewhere in the structure.

In addition to the updated design, the castle will be given some new attractions. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is currently located in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, will be added to the inside of the castle. The structure will also play home to new stage performances and updated fireworks displays.