Dragon Ball Super English Dub Sneak Peek Released

Dragon Ball fans, it is time you got ready to revisit your childhood. Earlier this year, Funimation announced it would be bringing Dragon Ball Super to fans outside of Japan with some newly acquired simulcast rights. Yesterday, the company then sent fans into a frenzy when it released the voice actors who would be providing English dubbing for the much-anticipated series. Now, Funimation is gifting fans with yet another treat. The studio has released a sneak peek of the upcoming dub, and Goku is seen front-and-center with King Kai.

The short clip shows Goku scarfing down his seventh massive bowl of fried rice while King Kai works on his car and scolds the Saiyan. "What were you thinking? Who jumps in front of a Kai on a joyride?" King Kai asks while wielding his hammer. Nonplussed, Goku brushes the complaint off his broad shoulders and tells his mentor to fix his car with his powers.

However, it seems that King Kai isn't too interested in doing that. "Fixing it by hand kills time and gives me something to gripe about - I mean, it's something I enjoy because I believe in hard work. Yeah." The Northern Area king then asks Goku why he has visited him, and Goku tells him he needs to train. The Saiyan says King Kai's Planet has more intense gravity than that found on Earth, making it the best place to get serious exercise done.

"I can't think of a better place in the universe to build some serious muscle," Goku says, and King Kai looks defeat.

The elder asks, "Why would I be happy that a Saiyan is using my sacred world as his own workout gym? And let me guess? You'll want room and board with that too?" And, after a few seconds, the King then reminds Goku just who he's dealing with.

"Hey, maybe you forgot because of my disarming sense of humor, but I'm a pretty major deal!"

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If the voice of Goku and King Kai sounds familiar to you, then that's no coincidence. Funimation and Toei Animation casted many returning actors from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series. Seán Schemmel will voice both Goku and King Kai.

(Photo: Funimation / Toei Animation )

If you want to check out the full casting list for Dragon Ball Super, then you can read it below:

GOKU Seán Schemmel

VEGETA Christopher R. Sabat

BEERUS Jason Douglas

WHIS Ian Sinclair

KRILLIN Sonny Strait

GOHAN Kyle Hebert

BULMA Monica Rial

PICCOLO Christopher R. Sabat

TRUNKS Alexis Tipton


GOTEN Kara Edwards

CHI-CHI Cynthia Cranz

A18 Meredith McCoy

MR. SATAN Chris Rager

BUU Josh Martin

KING KAI Seán Schemmel

SHENRON Christopher R. Sabat

VIDEL Kara Edwards

YAMCHA Christopher R. Sabat

TIEN John Burgmeier

SHOU Chris Cason

ROSHI Mike McFarland

PUAR Brina Palencia

PILAF Chuck Huber

OX-KING Kyle Hebert

OOLONG Brad Jackson

MARRON Tia Ballard

KIBITO KAI Kent Williams

ELDER KAI Kent Williams

DENDE Justin Cook

CHIAOTZU Brina Palencia

MAI Colleen Clinkenbeard